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The graduation design of the 2022nd undergraduate was successfully completed

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From May 22 to 31, the school of materials science and engineering launched the defense of the 2022 undergraduate graduation thesis (Design). Graduation thesis (Design) is the last teaching link in the process of students' learning in school. It is a process for fresh graduates to accept task, practice and achieve results before graduation.

Due to the epidemic prevention and control and other reasons, the graduation thesis (Design) based on experiment could not be carried out as scheduled. The college immediately set up a leading group for graduation design to investigate and objectively evaluate the progress of students' and instructors' graduation design, adjust the work plan according to the actual situation, and suggest reducing experimental links, increasing design and numerical simulation, so as to minimize the impact of the epidemic situation. During the epidemic period, the college instructors carefully guided students through online meetings, kept close communication with students, paid attention to the writing progress of students' graduation thesis, provided a variety of ideas, timely solved students' problems, and ensured the smooth completion of graduation design.

Under the guidance of the college and teachers, the problems of how the 2022 graduates of the college can normally carry out their graduation design during the epidemic period have been solved. The students actively cooperated with the college and the teachers. Although they met many challenges, they still completed the graduation project in an orderly manner.





The graduation thesis (Design) has been successfully completed with high quality and achieved the expected results.

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